t Saranjai, enticing business opportunities await you. If you are on a search for authentic Thai prepared meals to market, or if you might like to add Thai food to your restaurant menu.  Saranjai is your solution to your business needs.  
  Going back in Thai history for more than 100 years ago, servants were trained in the royal kitchen to serve sumptuous delicacies for His Majesty.  The recipes of such royal cuisine was well kept and handed down from generation to generation, but now revived by Saranjai for the world.  Producing prepared meals that originate from the ancient royal recipe, Saranjai prepared meals are unique in taste.
  For the benefit of business partners, Saranjai recognizes the importance of providing only products of the best quality and exceptional customer service.  Accordingly, all Saranjai products undergo a rigid quality control process that ensures international standards regarding health and environmental regulations are constantly met.  In its zealous effort of assisting its business partners, Saranjai are able to provide them with much flexibility in all aspects of business dealings, may it be customizing the products to certain desired flavors, specific product orders, financial payment, etc.  
    Authentic Thai Recipe passed down by generations dated more than 100 years ago.  
15 years experience and stability.
A wide variety of prepared meals to choose from; either frozen or non-frozen.
All products exceed international standards that concerns quality control, health and
environmental regulations.
Service oriented: Flexible, Accommodative, and Punctual.
Able to customize products to suit any consumer markets.
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